Required Qualification

Required Qualification

  • Want to create a software as a job, even if doesn’t have any experience or doesn’t learned about programming, are welcomed to apply.
  • Anyone that think programming is interesting and have a good prospect in the future but doesn’t know how to create a program.
  • Want to work as software engineer or system engineer.
  • Be able to communicate properly with clients or within the team.
  • Looking from many different aspect while doing job.
  • Willing to learn the basic properly, working hard to improve knowledge and experience.

    Anyone that match at least one of the requirement above are welcomed to apply.
    Hurry up, We are waiting for your application.

Staff Introduction


My first job was designing electric circuit, but after engaged in embedded system development, gradually changing to software development world. Even though I am the eldest staff, I am an excellent engineer. Because I likes new thing, I never stop learning. Since joining this company, I have engaged in PHP, JAVA, and Ruby project. Now I am working on Python project. From now on, if there is a chance, I will always try a new thing.

A.K. | Education Background : National University, Department of Chemistry.


I was majoring in Electricity, but because I wanted to do software development work, I started to study by myself and entered the IT industry. Before working here, I worked in big company and thus become a great learning material. Currently as a sub-manager I am responsible to guide the subordinate and always working with strong motivation.
In my day-off sometimes I do band (rock band),I always enjoy fulfilling life.

H.I. | Education Background : Private University, Electric Engineering Department.